Flexible Map

Flexible Map

Easily embed Google Maps in WordPress pages and posts


Tell directions where to go

You can show a directions search form in a specific page element, by giving the directions attribute an element ID:

Automatic directions search

If you need to show directions from a specific location automatically, use the directionsfrom and showdirections attributes. To hide the search form, add dirshowssearch=false.

Directions search

You can show a directions search form automatically, with the showdirections attribute:

Address search

To create a map based on an address, use the address attribute. Google Maps will search for the address, and if there’s only one possible result, it will make it the centre of the map.

Map types

Google Maps supports four map types. Google shows a roadmap by default, but it’s easy to specify a different one using the maptype attribute.

Centre coordinates

To create a simple map with centre coordinates, use the center attribute. NB: it must be spelled the American way or Google will ignore it!