Map types

Google Maps supports four map types. Google shows a roadmap by default, but it’s easy to specify a different one using the maptype attribute.

Road Map

You don’t really need to specify this one, because it is the default type. It shows a roadmap of the selected area.
[flexiblemap center="-32.891058,151.538042" maptype="roadmap" zoom="11" width="100%"]


To show Google Earth satellite images, set the map type to satellite:
[flexiblemap center="-32.891058,151.538042" maptype="satellite" zoom="11" width="100%"]


To show Google Earth satellite images with a roadmap overlay, set the map type to hybrid:
[flexiblemap center="-32.891058,151.538042" maptype="hybrid" zoom="11" width="100%"]


For a simple physical map with terrain information, set the map type to terrain:
[flexiblemap center="-32.891058,151.538042" maptype="terrain" zoom="14" width="100%"]