Calling from code

The plugin adds a PHP function flexmap_show_map() for theme and plugin developers. All of the same parameters for the shortcode can be passed to the function in an associative array. If you want it to return the map as a string without output to screen, add "echo"=>"false" to array of attributes.


  'center'      => '-34.916721,138.828878',
  'width'       => '100%',
  'height'      => 400,
  'zoom'        => 12,
  'title'       => 'Adelaide Hills',
  'description' => 'The Adelaide Hills are repleat with wineries.',
  'directions'  => 'my-dir-div',
  'hidepanning' => 'false',
  'hidescale'   => 'false',
  'maptype'     => 'satellite',

There are also some filter hooks that allow you to change the behaviour of the plugin.


filter the array of arguments that will be passed to the Google Maps API, e.g. ‘v’=>’weekly’

* change the API version to the weekly (unstable) version
* @param array $args arguments for the Google Maps API
* @return array
function theme_flexmap_gmaps_args($args) {
    $args['v'] = 'weekly';
    return $args;
add_filter('flexmap_google_maps_api_args', 'theme_flexmap_gmaps_args');


filter the Google Maps API URL, as a string; NB: better to use the flexmap_google_maps_api_args filter if you can.

* replace the current version Google Maps API with the weekly (unstable) version
* @param string $url the URL to Google Maps API script
* @return string
function theme_flexmap_gmaps_url($url) {
    return '';
add_filter('flexmap_google_maps_api_url', 'theme_flexmap_gmaps_url');


filter the array of shortcode attributes

* disable infowindows, and force directions form
* @param array $attrs shortcode attributes
* @return array
function theme_flexmap_shortcode($attrs) {
    $attrs['showinfo'] = 'false';
    $attrs['showdirections'] = 'true';

    return $attrs;
add_filter('flexmap_shortcode_attrs', 'theme_flexmap_shortcode');


filter the array of inline styles applied to the div wrapping the map, e.g. set the width and height for all maps

* set the width and height parameters on Google maps
* @param array $styles inline styles on the map div
* @param array $attrs shortcode attributes
* @return array
function theme_flexmap_styles($styles, $attrs) {
    $styles['width'] = '100%';
    $styles['height'] = '350px';

    return $styles;
add_filter('flexmap_shortcode_styles', 'theme_flexmap_styles', 10, 2);


filter the generated JavaScript

* customise the generated JavaScript
* @param string $script the JavaScript generated for the map
* @param array $attrs shortcode attributes
* @return string
function theme_flexmap_script($html, $script) {
    // your script customisations here...

    return $script;
add_filter('flexmap_shortcode_script', 'theme_flexmap_script', 10, 2);


filter the generated html, e.g. wrap another div around it, add a link to Google Maps, add some additional script, etc.

* add some custom HTML after the map
* @param string $html the HTML generated for the map
* @param array $attrs shortcode attributes
* @return string
function theme_flexmap_html($html, $attrs) {
    $html .= "
<p>Your custom HTML here</p>


    return $html;
add_filter('flexmap_shortcode_html', 'theme_flexmap_html', 10, 2);